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Exam Results

GCSE Exam Results 2023

Orleans Park students in Year 11 were today rewarded for their hard work, commitment and resilience by achieving a fantastic set of GCSE results, with extremely high numbers of students achieving top grades 9-7. Our students achieved 50% 9-7 grades with the national figure being 22%. As in previous years, students excelled in all areas of study and have been rewarded with outstanding academic achievement. It is particularly pleasing that students have exceeded the outcomes of 2019, which is the benchmark for GCSE grades this year. 

Students achieved an incredibly high set of grades; 31% of students achieved grades 9 or 8 and 50% of grades were at 9-7. Headteacher Ms. Pacey said: “I am very proud of our students. They have worked so hard and I was really impressed with their attitude during the examination period. Their hard work over the past two years has paid off. These results are also testament to the incredibly hard work that has been put in by staff and everyone involved in the school community. These results also confirm what I already knew when joining Orleans Park School; that the students and staff set incredibly high standards, which enable our students to ‘be the best they can be’. I wish all of our Year 11 students every success moving forward and have no doubt that they will go on to achieve great things.”

English and Maths combined results are the best the school has ever achieved; with a pass rate of 89% across both subjects and 80% of all students achieving a strong pass (grade 5) in both subjects. Over half the grades in both subjects awarded were grades 9-7. This is a phenomenal achievement by our students!

The national results for a grade 5 are 54% and our students achieved 84%. We are particularly pleased that we achieved 15% grade 9s across the year group compared to the national figure of 5%.

Fantastic results were also achieved in Science, with 95% of all students achieving a strong pass in Biology, Chemistry & Physics. Notably, 75% of all students achieved grades 7 and above in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In Combined Science, 86% of all of our students achieved a pass, with almost 25% of all students achieving a grade 8 or 9. 

A big congratulations must go to 5 students that achieved grades 9s in all but one subject - well done to Samuel, Thomas, Caitlin, Max and Dylan. An incredible number of students also scored a clean sweep of top grades 8 and 9- congratulations to Samuel, Thomas, Caitlin, Max, Dylan, Kristupas, Lauren, Charlotte, Ava, Owen, Kartik, Freddy, Finlay, Aongus, Lily, Andrea, Lia, Angus and Toby.

Phenomenal progress was made by all students, with an incredible 19 students achieving an average of between three or two grades higher than their target grades for every subject. Congratulations therefore go to Bora, Finlay, Daniel, Aarnav, Demir, Lily, Sasha, Oscar, Alexander, Kartik, Ava J, Toby, Harry, Max, Francis, Ava H, Lucas, Aleksandra and Jamie who all made exceptional progress.

Mr. Dodge, Assistant Headteacher, was particularly impressed with the progress made by those students who had regularly committed to attending Progress Club, the National Tutoring Programme and various other interventions throughout the academic year. The majority of students involved significantly improved their Progress 8 score, with Ahmed, Lia, Max C, Gabriel, Archie and Mani making significant progress between the end of Year 10 and their GCSE examinations. Mr. Dodge said, “These results go to show that through dedication, commitment and expert support, our students have been able to achieve the grades they want and deserve.”

Head of Year 11, Mr. Tandy, also celebrated his year group’s success this morning: “all students in Year 11 have worked incredibly hard this year and deserve every success that comes their way today. It has made me incredibly proud to see so many happy faces this morning and it is testament to the hard work and resilience that our students have shown the past two years. I am delighted to see my year group rewarded with such outstanding grades and wish all of them every success in the future - each and every one of them deserve it.”


A Level Exam Results 2023


It is with great pride we celebrate the excellent achievements of our Sixth Form students; 72% A*/B grades and 40% A*/A grades were achieved across all subjects (exceeding the national trend of 26% at A*/A). Furthermore, 14% of all grades were at A* and 91% were A*-C (exceeding the national trend of 75%). We are incredibly proud of our Sixth Form students whose hard work has helped them to achieve such a fantastic set of results which have enabled them to take a crucial step towards their future and continue the success of Orleans Park Sixth Form.

A significant proportion of students have gained places at top universities to study courses such as Materials Science, Economics, Mathematics, Engineering, PPE, Film Studies and Law to name a few. 46% are moving to a Russell Group University.

We are delighted that Amelia has accepted her place at the University of Oxford to study German and Matthew has also been successful in his application to study Medicine. 

We also have several students attending Art colleges, including Ollie who is going to Kingston School of Art as well as Flynn who is beginning a Silversmithing and Jewellery course, reflecting the excellent provision for creative arts at the Sixth Form. Several students are also heading straight into careers and apprenticeships. 

Outstanding A Level Results

Student A Level Grade
Matthew A* A* A* A*
Maddy A* A* A*
Nicholas A* A* A*
Edan A* A* A*
Josh A* A* A*
Arkarsh A* A* A*
Daniel A* A* A
Mia A* A* A
Ruby A* A* A
John A* A* A B
Liam A* A* A B
Tilly A* A* A B
Phoebe A* A A
Cameron A* A A A A
Rachel A* A A
Jemima A* A A
Anthony A* A A
Adrian A* A A
Aydin A* A A
Florence A* A A
Valerie A* A A B
Lucy A* A A B


Performance increased across all key areas compared to 2019:




Number of Students



 A* to A



A* to B



A* to C



A* to E



Head Girl Tilly, who is going to Durham to study Maths, commented on how proud everyone should feel: “on behalf of the 2023 leavers we are so thankful for the support given to us by our teachers and our families. We’re all off to celebrate after we have all worked so hard and persevered through the pressures of the exams.”

Head Boy Bertie, who will be doing a Media and Communications course at Cardiff, added: “we have really enjoyed our time here. Orleans Park really helped us to develop as young people with exciting futures ahead of us. It has been a great place to learn and make friends.”

These results reflect the motivation, commitment, hard work and dedication of our students and staff. Supported by parents and Governors to ensure our Sixth Form continues its outstanding provision for all students. 

Well done to everyone!