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Student Information

Students develop into young adult members of our community during their time in the Sixth Form, and it is the school’s aim to treat them as such. However, a mature approach by students to study and conduct is essential if this is to be possible.

It is generally the sixth form’s aim to tackle any issues with the students first to try and solve difficulties by discussion and agreement. However we recognise that parents are supporting students in their education, and if we are unable to resolve any issues speedily and effectively in this way or by applying a limited number of sanctions then parents will be contacted.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to speak to any of the Sixth Form Team.

Dress Code

It is a privilege to have a reasonable amount of personal choice in the Sixth Form, but students also have a responsibility to dress in a sensible manner. We do not wish to have a long list of rules with specific measurements of clothing, but we have provided some guidance below.

Ultimately, whilst maintaining a liberal policy on school dress, we reserve the right to ask students who we deem to be wearing improper attire to go home and change, and refrain from wearing those items to school again. Improper attire includes the following:

  • Tracksuit/jogging bottoms
  • Excessively ripped jeans
  • Strapless or cropped tops
  • Sport shorts

Driving to Sixth Form

During their time at the Sixth Form some students pass their driving test. However, for reasons of both space and insurance, students are not allowed to park their cars on site. If a student wishes to drive to school they must find a space to park in the local area. Students who are found to have parked on the school site are liable to receive a small fine, which is donated to charitable causes.

Important Student Documents

Please find below important information for Sixth Form students:

Supporting Student WellbeingSixth Form Student AgreementBring Your Own Device Policy