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Sport & Wellbeing Programme

We recognise the importance of providing students with an extensive programme beyond their A Level curriculum. Sport and Wellbeing is a compulsory part of the Sixth Form curriculum and all students are expected to participate fully in these activities. This includes a range of activities designed to promote positive health and wellbeing including; yoga, boxing, self-defence and more traditional sports such as football and basketball. Different activities are available during the school year and students sign up for their chosen activity at the start of each term. 

PSHE Programmes

The Sixth Form PSHE curriculum focuses on topics relevant to Sixth Form students and covers a range of areas including; preparing for the workplace and health and relationships. Students will also attend workshops from external providers, including sessions on consent, first aid and safe driving. 

Community Service Opportunities

We believe that contributing to the school community and the local community is an important part of a Sixth Form student’s experience and helps to develop qualities that prepare them for university and employment. As such we have a number of opportunities available for Sixth Form students to engage with.

Study/Reading Buddies & Mentoring

Sixth Form students are paired with a student in the lower school who needs extra support with a particular aspect of school life. They will work with them in a lesson on a 1:1 basis to help them engage with the subject and improve their progress in that area. Lower school students really enjoy working with the Year 12 and Year 13 students and benefit socially as well as academically from this experience. 

There is also an opportunity for Sixth Form students to be reading buddies working with students in Key Stage Three and to be mentors for students in Y10 and Y11.

Student-led Groups

We encourage Sixth Form students to become involved in student-led groups. These currently include a Pride Group and an Anti-Racism Group. Sixth Form students are also members of the whole school, Student Committee for Change. Students are also encouraged to suggest other groups that they would like to set-up.

Primary School Support

In conjunction with local primary schools, students at the Sixth Form offer classroom support or 1:1 mentoring of primary school children. This can include support with reading or maths skills, helping in the lessons and acting as a positive role model to younger pupils.

Student Leadership & Student Voice

We encourage students to apply to become Head Student, or one of the Deputy Head Students. Those who are successful will make up the Student Leadership Team, helping to make important decisions about the Sixth Form and the whole school. These students will represent the school at borough events, open days and parents evenings. It is another opportunity for students to develop valuable skills that will make them impressive candidates for top universities and jobs when they leave the school.

Students are also able to take on House Leadership roles for one of our four school houses - Richmond, York, Kew and Hampton. House Captains will help to run House weeks as well as the school Sports Day. 

Throughout the year other opportunities will become available, and students should check their year group Google Classroom to make sure they do not miss out on any of these.