Media and Film

Curriculum Intent

We aim to give students a wider knowledge and understanding of the world around them and how it is presented to them via the media. We encourage critical thinking, independent analysis, and creativity in exploring media texts and media issues, looking at how the media shapes as well as reflects society, culture, history and politics.

Key Stage 3 - Year 9 Media Studies

Key Stage 3 Media students will study various mass and new media industries and forms such as Television, Advertising, Social Media, Film, Broadcast News and Newspapers, Music Videos, and Video Games, focusing on the key areas of:

  • The use of industry specific media techniques and media language
  • Representation & stereotypes, how media products can reflect and represent reality and identity, and how we can use the media to construct our own identities
  • Media industries and the effects of regulation, new media, technology and technological convergence.

Students will have the opportunity to create a variety of practical projects to demonstrate their understanding including print advertising campaigns, short films, newspaper articles, websites, and design documents for video games.

Key Stage 4 - Media Studies GCSE

A GCSE in media studies enables students to:

  • Demonstrate skills of enquiry, critical thinking and analysis
  • Acquire knowledge & understanding of a range of important media issues
  • Understand the role of the media in reflecting and representing issues and identity, as well as creating or challenging stereotypes
  • Develop appreciation and critical understanding of the media and their role both historically and currently in society, culture and politics
  • Develop practical skills by providing opportunities for creative media production.

Current set texts include contemporary and historical television crime drama, film promotion, franchising and video games, music magazines, music videos,radio, and contemporary and historical news organisations.

Students will also be assessed on their practical and creative skills by creating a media product to fulfil a specific brief. This gives students the opportunity to demonstrate skill, knowledge and understanding and create a finished media product from a range of options including print (magazine & photography) video (music video, television extract) and online multimedia (website, social media campaign).

Key Stage 5 - A Level Film Studies

A Level Film Studies aims to introduce students to a wide range and variety of films from different times, cultures, and contexts. Students will gain a wider understanding and appreciation for film as a powerful and culturally significant medium, exploring its role as an emotional, aesthetic, narrative and ideological art form.

Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge & understanding of;

  • A diverse range of films including silent film, documentary, experimental and short film
  • The significance of film in national, global, and historical contexts
  • How film generates meaning and responses
  • How spectators respond to films

Students will also learn how to apply knowledge and understanding of film through creating a range of practical productions including short films, screenplays, and storyboards.

Where can Media & Film take me?

Students who study media and film often go on to study Photography, Advertising & Marketing, Film Production and academic film and media studies. The academic and critical analysis skills in Media & Film Studies will aid students studying humanities courses such as History or English Literature.

Media & Film Curriculum & Assessment Overview